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Throughout the history of ENT practice tonsillectomy and removal of adenoids are the most common surgical operations. Their effectiveness is rather doubtful and the consequences, as the history of the infamous evil of modern times COVID – 19 has shown, are tragic. The number of deaths could be many times less, and infected people could came through that disease almost asymptomatically or in a mild form.

Approximately 90% of people live with chronic tonsillitis and adenoiditis, but not all of us have the disease manifests itself as an acute form-angina or inflammation of the adenoids in children, because only then do we think about the severity of this disease. But the asymptomatic form of this disease has a devastating effect on the body as a whole and, most importantly, weakens the vital immune organs and as a result, we remain absolutely unprotected in the face of the notorious present and unfortunately, future challenges.

You can't change the past, but you can build a bright future. The Healthy Tonsils team does everything possible and even impossible to make our common future very bright, and that's why we challenge the paradigm.

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