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Alternative to vaccination

Healthy Tonsils balm as an alternative to vaccination. There is a lot of controversy surrounding vaccination today. On social networks, in various blogs, forums and chats, […]

Chronic tonsillitis prevention

Prevention of chronic tonsillitis is your protection against acute respiratory viral infections.  The most common diseases of mankind are – ACUTE RESPIRATORY VIRAL INFECTIONS, affecting both […]

Healthy Tonsils therapeutic preventive balm

Phyto – balm for the treatment of chronic tonsillitis and adenoiditis and prevention of acute respiratory viral infections.  According to the WHO, more than 90% of […]

Challenge the paradigm.

Guillotine for tonsils.  Tonsillectomy as a surgical operation has been used for 3000 years, with varying degrees of popularity over the centuries. It was first described […]

The merciless era of pediatric otorhinolaryngology

 “The seeds of great discoveries constantly germinate around us, but only then do they take root in our lives when the soil in our minds has […]

Chronic tonsillitis

Among doctors, until now, there is a DOGMATIC OPINION that chronic tonsillitis is formed as a result of supposedly transferred tonsillitis, scarlet fever, measles, as well […]

Frequently ill child

Why do children often get sick? Parents ask pediatricians and medical consultants. Dr. Komarovsky gave an “interesting” answer to this question (in the author’s television program). A child gets […]

Chronic adenotonsillar

Chronic Adenotonzillitis (HAT) is a determinate disease that externally manifests itself as a permanent infectious-allergic process of the palatine and pharyngeal tonsils in children. As a rule, […]

What is the danger of removing tonsils

Scientists from Australia, Denmark and the United States for the first time studied the long-term consequences of removing tonsils and adenoids in childhood and concluded that […]
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