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Franchising with "Healthy Tonsils" - earn money by helping people!

What is the essence of our business?

Using the author’s method of non-surgical treatment of chronic tonsillitis and adenoiditis, our specialists:

– maintain an important immune organ and its physiological function in full, necessary for the further healthy development of the child;

– exclude all complications that may occur during surgery (bleeding, consequences of anesthesia, postoperative stress in the child, etc.);

— do not use antibiotics or other medications (thus preventing the possibility of developing allergic reactions);

– carry out prevention of SARS and other viral and bacteriological infections.

— unlike other ENT clinics and offices have a stable flow of patients focused not only on treatment, but also on the prevention of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, Roto and nasopharynx, respiratory viral infections.

What are the costs of purchasing a Healthy Tonsils franchise?

Investment. YOU invest in the purchase or lease of premises, its repair and equipment, according to the list provided to YOU by the team “Healthy Tonsils” (the cost of all equipment for the start is no more than$10,000).

2. the Entrance fee is 3500$. The entry fee includes:

— Initial training of the franchisee Manager;

— Assistance in selecting a room;

— Design project of the room;

– Opening command;

— Verification/accreditation of the point before opening;

— Brand-book;

— CRM/ERP customer accounting system;

— Business management automation system;

— Innovations;

– Initial training of personnel;

3. Regular royalties. The uniqueness of our franchise model is that it does not have regular royalty payments, unlike other types of franchising, and all the earned profit is left to YOU. Given THAT in your work you use our copyrighted developments (patented tool, balm, etc.), YOU will have a plan that you can easily implement, adhering to our recommendations, on the number of procedures performed using our inventions. The minimum plan for the first half of the year is 500 sets per month or 25 patients who have taken a course of 20 procedures.

What other benefits of the “Healthy Tonsils” franchise?

No regular payments – royalties.

Small investments to enter the medical market.

Significant market size 45-55% of adults and 75-85% of children face the problem of chronic tonsillitis.

High demand for high-quality ENT services.

Unique, patented, proven treatment methods and thousands of satisfied patients.

What other assistance does the franchisor provide for the franchisee?

Specialists from the “Healthy Tonsils” team will help you conduct:

— industry analysis and competitive environment assessment;

— to assist in the search of the property or a restructuring and adaptation of existing clinics;

— assist in setting up and registering a branch;

— conduct training of specialists and administrators;

– give instructions and provide support in the purchase of equipment and supplies;

– provide a marketing plan, brand book, internal management rules;

— assist in the support and organization of all marketing events.

The Healthy Tonsils team is quite attentive to the selection of our potential franchisee partners. This process usually takes place in 3 stages:

Filling out the initial questionnaire for a potential franchisee
feedback from the Manager representative of our clinic, additional questions, clarification of some important aspects.
individual interview with the CEO of “Healthy Tonsils”, the decision to include the partner in the network.

How to work with the “Healthy Tonsils” team»:

Signing a contract and paying a lump-sum fee;
Selection and preparation of premises; (the franchisee performer is approved by the “Healthy Tonsils” team).
Recruitment and training of personnel; (the franchisee performer is approved by the “Healthy Tonsils” team).
Equipment delivery; (the franchisee’s executor is approved by the “Healthy Tonsils” team).
Launching an advertising campaign; (the franchisee’s performer is approved by the “Healthy Tonsils” team).
Launch of ENT clinic (after approval of the “Healthy Tonsils” command).

By purchasing the “Healthy Tonsils” franchise, you get a reliable partner and expert with unique experience in organizing and developing business in the field of private medicine.

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