Collaboration – Healthy Tonsils

This section is devoted to ways of interaction of the company “Healthy Tonsils” with medical clinics, doctors and entrepreneurs


For specialists

If you are already an ENT doctor

In just three days, You will have the knowledge and certificate "Healthy Tonsils".
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For the busiest

Seminars " Healthy Tonsils»

We will organize field training seminars "Healthy Tonsils" in your clinic.
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For the most capable

Technique of treatment

If You still decide that your experience allows you to carry out treatment yourself-the offer from "Healthy Tonsils" is here.
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For beginners

Franchise Healthy Tonsils»:

Helping people-earn money.
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For established

Sales Representative

If Your company operates in the health and care segment and you want to expand the range, then the offer is here for You:
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