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Frequently asked Questions:

Are you going to reduce the price of your product?

– No, we are working on reducing today’s very high cost to increase sales revenue that will bring us towards our main goal.
What is your main goal?
– Get the international status of our balm as a preventive, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, immune-stimulating agent and the creation at the level of the state program of tonsillar dispensaries for the treatment and prevention of chronic tonsillitis to reduce the risk of respiratory viral infections and the spread of pandemics associated with them.
Is your balm a certified drug?
– No, the balm is a herbal remedy, it does not require certification and a prescription from a doctor for purchase.
What means the herbal remedies?
– These are medicines obtained exclusively from plant materials: herbs, whole plants, or their extracts. Herbal remedies are used to treat diseases and as prophylactic agents. Currently, more than five hundred types of medicinal herbs are used for their production.
What is the guarantee that after applying the balm I will be protected from the effects of viruses and bacteria?
– According to the monitoring cards for patients undergoing preventive procedures in our clinics, the likelihood of respiratory viral infections varies around zero. If people use the balm on their own and follow the instructions, then the results should be comparable.
What is the duration of treatment?
– The treatment course of 20-25 procedures (prescribed by a doctor), a monthly preventive course – 15 procedures performed every other day.
Is it possible to apply the balm for medicinal purposes on my own?
– No, non-surgical treatment of chronic tonsillitis and adenoiditis according to our method is performed only at the doctor’s office
Is it possible to completely recover from chronic tonsillitis?
– Yes
How many people have already been cured?
– The case of the patients we have cured includes more than 10,000 people who have permanently gotten rid of the problems of chronic tonsillitis and adenoiditis.
How many courses are needed and how often should they be done?
– Medical – at least two with an interval of half a year, preventive – preferably every year, before the onset of cold weather and the onset of seasonal epidemics of influenza and SARS.
What is included in the balm?
– Yarrow, Sophora, Pine Buds, Juniper Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Burdock Oil, Black Cumin Oil, Peruvian Balm.
How does the procedure go?
– Using a special cannula, the balm is introduced into the lacunar canals of the tonsils; then it is inserted into the nasal passages.
Is there an allergy to the components of the balm?
– No, the balm is hypoallergenic.
Does it hurt to do the procedure for children?
– It doesn’t hurt.
From how many years can a procedure be done?
– From 3 years.
Are there any contraindications?
– Yes, temporary: acute phase of the disease (quinsy) and age up to 3 years.
Is the balm usable for pregnant women?
– Yes, it is. The natural components of the balm will not harm the baby.
Can I get cured of COVID-19 with your balm?
The balm is not an etiotropic antiviral agent. The mechanism of action is aimed at suppressing inflammatory processes in the tonsils, which in turn interfere with an adequate immune response to the effects of viral and bacteriological agents. Thus, we can enhance immunity and the ability to repel any bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19.
When the Blue to Platinum participants have the services in the Ukrainian Healthy Tonsils clinics, are the accommodation and visa support included?
We will be happy to meet and escort visitors to the airport, help to find accommodation in a comfortable location at and reasonable price, and send the invitation to the participants, but the accommodation and visa costs should be paid for themselves.
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